Construction Materials Testing

Construction Materials Field and Laboratory Testing

Hoque & Associates performs almost all types of soil testing. Hoque & Associates laboratory also performs testing for aggregates, cement concrete, masonry and asphalt concrete.

HA has performed CQA testing on more than 150 construction projects for the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department under annual service contracts.  Under the on-call contract, Hoque & Associates provides construction materials quality assurance testing and observation services.  The project work has included roadways, bridges, underground utilities including sewers and water transmission mains, building structures, parking structures, parking lots, landfill caps, landfill liners, containment ponds, airport runways and infrastructure including multi-level parking structures and terminal buildings.

QA/QC field testing and inspection of common materials including soil/aggregate, concrete/masonry, asphalt concrete and special inspection of welding, structural steel and fireproofing.

Hoque & Associates has specialty techniques in performing QA/QC field testing and inspection of liner materials for landfill construction and other liner installation.

Example Construction Material Testing Projects:

  • United States Penitentiary and Federal Prison Camp, Quality Control Administration and Testing, Tucson, Arizona  – Provided quality control administrator support and quality control testing and observation services for the 300 million dollar design build project.  Our quality control testing observation responsibilities included laboratory testing and field-testing and monitoring of all soil, aggregate, asphalt, and concrete materials incorporated into the project as well as preparation of final test reports, daily activity summary reports, and weekly summary reports.
  • Rio Salado Phoenix Reach Environmental Restoration Project, Phoenix, Arizona – Provide consulting engineering and geotechnical exploration and laboratory testing services in support of the Rio Salado Environmental Restoration Project for the US Army Corps of Engineers (Contract No. DACA09).
  • Sprint Switch Building, Phoenix, Arizona – Project Principal/Project Engineer for Geotechnical Exploration & CQA Testing for the new telecommunications switch facility.  The project consisted of a 4-story cast-in-place concrete communications building, underground utilities, and ancillary features including drive and parking areas.  Geotechnical work included drilling to depths ranging from 40 to 80 feet below surface grade, soil sample collection, laboratory testing, and preparation of a detailed geotechnical engineering report.  CQA work included monitoring and testing of all construction materials including soils, concrete, and asphalt and forensic evaluation and remediation of improperly constructed caissons.
  • Numerous City of Phoenix Quality Assurance Testing Projects under Annual On-Call Contracts (1998 – Present) – Numerous geotechnical exploration and QA materials testing projects performed for the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department.  Projects have included: soil borings; collection of bulk, ring, and SPT samples; subsurface logging; construction materials field testing and monitoring, construction materials laboratory testing; and/or report preparation.  Our testing has been performed or the City’s use in design and/or construction quality assurance for a wide variety of projects including: roadways; underground storm drains, high-pressure water supply pipelines, and other utility lines; roadway and pedestrian bridges, multi-level parking structures; multi-level office buildings; and, airport runways/taxiways, terminal buildings, and infrastructure.