About Us

Hoque & Associates, Inc. (HA) is a well established firm composed of experienced professionals determined to bring the best quality of product to the client. Now well into the second decade of operations, Hoque & Associates is proud to offer geotechnical consulting services, materials testing, quality control, quality assurance, and environmental engineering services. Hoque & Associates personnel apply collective expertise to meet a series of diverse challenges proposed by clients.  By combining efforts in a true show of teamwork, personnel dedicate themselves to developing practical and cost-effective solutions to some of the most difficult of engineering challenges.

Hoque & Associates has a Phoenix based office, complete with a geotechnical lab. Most geotechnical testing services can be performed within one hundred feet of the Hoque & Associates engineering staff, so results can be quickly obtained and interpreted.

Hoque & Associates has completed several hundred geotechnical and materials testing projects in the Phoenix area, as well as all across Arizona. The diverse client base includes public sector municipalities and private sector clients ranging from small singe-family custom home builders to multinational firms.

Hoque & Associates has the technical expertise, direct experience, range of qualified staff, and corporate commitment to successfully complete project work on time and within budget.

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