Hoque & Associates’ diversified staff is one of the most qualified and experienced professional and technical teams in Arizona. The staff includes engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, and laboratory & field technicians. HA assigns the most qualified personnel to each project to ensure that the project is completed on time and variables meet the client’s requirements.

Academy of Distinguised Alumni – Dr. G. Gibson, Chairman of Civil Engineering, ASU
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E & M Hoque Geotechnical Laboratory, ASU, 2007, 1[7]
E & M Hoque Geotechnical Laboratory, ASU, 2007, 2[9]
E & M Hoque Geotechnical Laboratory, ASU, 2007, 3[8]
E & M Hoque Geotechnical Laboratory, ASU, 2007, 4[6]
E & M Hoque Geotechnical Laboratory, ASU, 2007, 5[6]

Hoque & Associates Staff Includes:

Adam Ramirez, B.S Geologist
Alan Jarrel, ATTI, ACI Engineering Technician
Ash Cyrus, E.I.T, ATTI, ACI Geotechnical Staff
Cory McElprang, P.E. Geotechnical Project Manager
Curtis Mason, ATTI, ACI Engineering Technician
Dwayne Culpepper, ATTI, ACI Senior Field Inspector
Enamul Hoque, P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE President and CEO
Eric Anderson Engineering Technician
Hafiz Soliman, E.I.T., ATTI, ACI Engineering Technician
Jared Dobberstein, ATTI, ACI Engineering Field Technician
Joel Duenez, ATTI, ACI Senior Engineering Technician
John Naccarato Engineering Technician
Karl Johnson, BA CAD Designer / Drafter
Mahmuda Hoque, M.Sc., M.S. Financial Analyst
Marcus Nicholson Engineering Technician
Michael Warren, ATTI, ACI Engineering Technician
Patrick Galloway, ATTI, ACI Engineering Technician/Special Inspection
Riley Manwaring, Civil Engr. student, ASU Engineering Field Technician
Sharif Hoque, M.S., E.I.T. Project Manager
Tino Wasch Engineering Technician
Tracie Riggs, E.I.T. Project Manager
Trenton Titchenal, ATTI, ACI. Laboratory Manager/Supervisor
Tyler Romano Engineering Technician


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